Abused Footballer Andy Woodward to launch new Trust in Manchester today 


The Offside Trust” which has been formed by Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Chris Unsworth as an independent Trust to support football players and their families who have suffered from abuse is to be launched in Manchester today.

Woodward, who was abused at Crewe Alexandra in the Eighties, has linked up with former team-mate Steve Walters and former Manchester City player Chris Unsworth. 

Commenting on the launch, Andy Woodward said:

“the sheer size and scale of the problem is illustrated by the fact that over 860 victims have come forward in the last few days. It is clear that abuse has existed on a major scale for many years. This Trust does not just relate to football but also relates to other sports. It is there to support all of those who are victims of abuse to include their families and children. The Trust is truly independent and I would strongly urge all victims to contact the Trust at info@prosperitylaw.com. We also hope that those who benefit from sport to include the FA, the PFA, the Premier League and other stakeholders, support and donate to the Trust which will carry out extremely valuable work for the good of the game and to assist the victims, many of whom have suffered horrendously.”
The Trust will be set up and administered by Manchester Law Firm, Prosperity Law LLP.