Avalanche At A Glance

Avalanche Restaurant
Underground bar at the Avalanche Restaurant
Avalanche marks the return of Italian food to the building where it all began in Manchester. Isola Bella was the first Italian restaurant in the city when it opened and now Avalanche is bringing high-end Italian cuisine back to the same venue.

The interior of Avalanche has been designed to create a relaxed atmosphere during the day, and at night the restaurant emulates the fine dining establishments of Paris and Monte Carlo.

The beauty and grace of Avalanche is encapsulated in it’s grand chandelier. 100 kilos of bespoke, hand crafted crystal crowns those walking along the stairway. Imported from Portugal, the exclusive chandelier cost £50,000 and took ten men to carry into its new home.

The owners of Avalanche previously ran Don Giovannis in Manchester and have also run several successful restaurants in both Manchester and London.

Avalanche’s opening night was dedicated to raising funds for the Kirsty Club charity and Kirsty Howard was the guest of honour on the night.