Beer advert starring Eric Cantona axed due to false advertising


A Kronenbourg 1664 TV ad starring Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has been banned because it is said to contain ‘false advertising’.

In the advert Cantona makes the claim ‘If you find a better tasting French beer, we’ll eat our berets’, even though the popular pint originates from Manchester. An advertising watchdog reviewed the ad and stated that it was ‘misleading’ to viewers as it gives them the impression that the beer is brewed in France, when in actual fact it is made at the Royal Brewery in Manchester alongside the ‘Australian’ lager Foster’s

Heineken, owners of Kronenbourg, stated that there was no danger of viewers being misled because the small print in the ad states that the beer was ‘Brewed in the UK’. The Advertising Standards’ Agency responded by saying “Because we considered that the overall impression created by the ad was that Kronenbourg 1664 was brewed in France when it was not, we concluded that it was misleading.”

And so Heineken have reluctantly agreed to remove the adverts, but have asked for the case to be re-reviewed.