Cladding to be removed from Salford Tower blocks


It has been confirmed that nine high rise Salford tower blocks will have Aluminium composite material removed,  similar to the cladding used in Grenfell Tower where so far, 79 people are reported to have died.

The removal had begun at Thorn and Spruce Court on Sunday which are both 24-storey blocks.

A letter to residents says that after talks with the fire service, it has been decided that in the event of a fire “the policy will now be for tenants to leave the building immediately if they are able to do so”.

So far, 60 high-rise buildings in 25 local authorities across the country have failed fire cladding safety tests. City leaders have said that the government has indicated that there will be money to make buildings safe in the wake of the Grenfell scandal. However it is not yet clear how the monies will be paid out – and how much is available.

But council chiefs say they are wasting no time – and are carrying out immediate work now to ensure the safety of residents.

Salford’s MP Rebecca Long-Bailey said: “Building regulations are not fit for protecting the safety of residents”

“The Government should hesitate in tacking necessary robust action immediately and there are indeed previous recommendations that they can act upon now.

“Building regulations are not fit for ensuring the safety of residents, and Grenfell Tower is clear evidence of this.”

“This is not the first time in recent years that there has been a fire in a high-rise block of flats resulting in loss of life. In 2013, coroners wrote to the Government on two separate fires – in Lakanal House in Camberwell in 2009 in which six people died, and in Shirley Towers in Southampton in 2010 in which two firefighters died.

“In relation to these cases the coroners provided clear points of criticism and recommendations including retrofitting sprinklers into high-rise buildings, and amending building regulations so that they are fit for purpose.

“Thus far however, I am not aware of any direction from Government nor funding to take any meaningful steps to do this.”