Do something amazing today- Become a Cyber Ranger!!


The internet may be amazing and full of opportunity, but sadly it’s also a breeding ground for criminal activity, online predators and cyber bullying.

In recent figures, launched by NSPCC and Internet Matters, the NSPCC received a staggering 12,000 calls to ChildLine about online issues last year. The statistics demonstrate that many of our children are more internet savvy that we thought, 1 in 5; 8-11-year olds and 7 in 10; 12-15-year olds have a social media profile, Instagram and Facebook being the favourites.

Whilst these figures are last year, statistically it is still unknown, how many children are still doing unknown unethical internet practises in our digital world, this in turn increases their activity in related crime from “hacking” offences to cyber-related bullying or trolling.

However, Youth Fed a charity that supports over 5,000 children and young people each year between 8-25 years old across Cheshire, Halton, Wirral and Warrington believe they have come up with a solution- Cyber Rangers

Cyber Rangers offers a solution that will ensure that these young people are mentored to change their attitude and behaviours and engage positively with the cyber world, perhaps even leading to careers in the digital world.

The mentor will support a young person who has been carefully selected for this programme, as they may have shown “unethical” behaviours online which is why they have been referred to the Cyber Rangers Programme.

Michael Jones, Project Manager explains, “We are seeking 130 volunteers, who will attend a training day which will give them all the skills and tool kit they will need to mentor a young person, who will be closely matched, we are particularly interested in those who are internet savvy, they may work in IT or cyber security, we would equally like some positive female role models.” He continues “The time given would be 26 hours over 12 months, we know that with the right mentoring and positive reinforcement and input, the behaviours will improve”.

If interested in becoming a Cyber Ranger, please contact Michael Jones on or call Youth Fed on: 0151-3571971