Farron rolls up in Levy to launch the Lib Dems election campaign


Two in two days, a second party leader chose Greater Manchester to launch their election campaign.

Following the Prime Minister Lib Dem leader Tim Farron arrived in Levenshulme at the gates of Crimble Park, the border of two constituencies Gorton and Withington where the party hopes to overturn the Labour Party.

Alongside candidates Jackie Peacy and John Leech and backed by a crowd of party activists, Farron told the assembled crowd that Theresa May was using “bogus” arguments about Brexit to justify an early election motivated by party-political calculation while the Labour Party Sadly the Labour Party gave her a mandate for Brexit as they pushed us off a cliff-edge voting for Article 50 without a single condition attached.

Indeed he added, that far from being necessary for the success of Brexit negotiations, the election has been called because Tories believe they can capitalise on Labour’s weakness under Jeremy Corbyn.

He predicted that Corbyn’s party would lose dozens upon dozens of seats while saying that the Lib Dems were the main threat to the Tories giving voters the opportunity to change the direction of this country” by electing MPs who will hold back the “disastrous” drive to take Britain out of the single market.

Farron said that the Labour-held seats of Gorton and Withington were “absolutely the top of the Liberal Democrat target list” and claimed that internal polling statistics in Gorton put the Lib Dems ahead of where it was at the same time in the Richmond Park by election which the party won from the Conservatives.