“Good Samaritan” steals Salford Pensioner’s wallet


Police are appealing for the public’s help to trace a pickpocket who posed as a Good Samaritan in order to steal a 79-year-old man’s wallet in Salford.
The robbery happened around 3.30 on Tuesday 25 April, the victim was walking across the pedestrian crossing on Hankinson Way, Salford, to catch a bus when he tripped up and fell over

He was immediately approached by the offender, who helped him to his feet and then walked off.

Moments later the victim realised that when he was being helped back to his feet, the offender had slipped his wallet out of his pocket.

The wallet contained family photographs of the victim’s son, who has recently passed away, which hold great sentimental value.

It also contained £100 cash, bank cards and betting slips.
The offender is described as white, around 5ft 6in tall, around 50-years-old with grey, scruffy hair and was carrying a can of beer.

Constable Christopher Jackson said: This is a despicable crime, posing as an elderly gentleman’s rescuer only to get close enough to steal from him.

“The money and bank cards can be replaced, but the photographs of the victim’s son are irreplaceable and are worth more to him than anything else.
“It is heart-breaking to see someone lose something so precious for the sake of one man’s petty greed.
“If you have any information which could assist us in this investigation, please contact us.”