Greek Rescue Puppies Coming To Manchester Need to Be Adopted


There’s been a lot of news about the new “Manchester Dog Café” and questions about when it’s opening. The Beach Dog Café is actually a part of a much bigger dog loving business – Central Bark.

Previously Manchester Dog Care, Central Bark specialise in dog care, from their Happy Hound Doggy Daycare, to their Bow Wow House Dog Boarding, The Groom Room, Dog Walking and, of course, The Beach Dog Café which is looking to be coming closer to it’s opening date.

Central Bark are now working with a charity named Starlight Barking, to bring dogs over from the frightening conditions for strays in Greece and with hopes of finding loving homes here in the U.K.

Let’s start from the beginning, Starlight Barking is a network of animal lovers, many of whom were travel reps in Greece back in the 80s. Wendy Lyotier, the co-founder of Starlight Barking, realised that 30 years on, little had changed for the stray dogs of Greece and in many areas conditions had gotten worse and illegal poisingings of strays were becoming more and more common.

Following this, Wendy linked up with lots of old friends to form Starlight Barking and help the shelters of Greece, which were rather run down, with volunteers, funds & time running low.

Wendy said: “I went to the Lemnos shelter for the first time in 2016 and took part in the very first dog walk, Alfie [now Central Bark’s mascot] was there. 35 volunteers and around 80 dogs. The shelter was so run down at the time & it broke my heart & I wanted to cry. ‘We need to help’. We wanted to get some of those dogs adopted in England. The first we uploaded was Alfie. Tony saw him and the relationship with Tony & Central Bark went from there.”

Central Bark plan to bring 6 dogs over from Greece at a time. Every dog gets veterinary care before they reach Central Bark. Not only do the dogs get all of the legally required treatments to be in the UK, but Starlight Barking go above and beyond to ensure the best health of the dogs and the best chance of being taken in to a good, loving home.

However, no one wants the dogs in U.K. shelters to be forgotten, which is why Starlight Barking work to make sure that for every dog adopted from Greece, another in the U.K. is being adopted too.

Central Bark are doing everything possible to ensure these dogs get into loving homes as quickly and safely as possible. The next set of dogs are transferred from Greece every 5-6 weeks. During this time, the new pups are gradually introduced to more and more dogs to get them used to socialising.

Next the dogs are awarded with their “adopt me” bibs, so Central Bark’s client and visitors know who’s looking for a new home. Once someone has spotted one of the dogs that they like, they can come in for a visit to get to know the dog.

What Central Bark do next, is set up a home check, so that they can make sure that any dog going away is only getting the best standard of care. The pooch then goes over to a Foster Home, where a home visit can be set up with it’s potential new family. Although this may be a much longer process than going into a shelter & picking out a puppy, Central Bark firmly believe that this is the best way to ensure the best outcome for both the dog & the owners, making sure all puppies go to ‘forever homes’.

It costs only £250 to adopt a dog, despite the huge cost of moving them over to the UK. All of the adoption fees go to Starlight Barking to help re-home more dogs.

Central Bark will soon be featuring a page on their website where visitors can look at photos & read about the dogs which are still up for adoption.