LEGEND OF THE LUNGFISH – Alan the Living Fossil!

Discover how the prehistoric beasts of the ocean have lived on in their descendants and step-back in time at the brand-new Jurassic Ranger exhibit, at SEA LIFE Manchester.
A first for Manchester, the interactive experience gives visitors the chance to meet the Lungfish, an ancient creature, predating all animals that live on land – 400 million years to be exact! These fascinating creatures dubbed ‘Living Fossils’ are the actual ancestor of the tetrapods – four-limbed creatures – that made the first small steps on land and which humans are believed to have evolved from. 
Manchester SEA LIFE’s new resident Lungfish, Alan is now the Aquarium’s oldest tenant, with Curators at SEA LIFE believing him to be over 60 years old!  Alan the Lungfish has lived through 14 British Prime Ministers, including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and our current leader Teresa May. From Martin Luther King Jr. historic “I Have a Dream” speech, to the fall of the Berlin War and last year’s Brexit vote, Alan has seen it all! 
Visitors to the new Jurassic Ranger exhibit will be able to witness Alan’s fascinating humanlike behaviors, which include his ability to breathe above water with his lung and most astonishingly his ability to walk! Lungfish use their hind fins to push their bodies up from the substrate, propelling them forward – similar to the way amphibians and land vertebrates use their limbs on land. These behaviors common to Lungfish have given scientists incredible insights into the genetic leap in evolution and how we went from fish to human beings. 
Dan McLaughlan, Curator at SEA LIFE Manchester said:
“Alan the Lungfish is one of the most fascinating creatures at SEA LIFE Manchester! This humble creature could literally be our Great Grandfather in another generation!
“Alan is a very calm fish who enjoys the simple things in life – an evening stroll along around the tank or a brisk morning walk are his favourite pastimes. I guess it’s true that you mellow with age!” 
SEA LIFE Manchester’s other newest additions have evolved from some of the most powerful predators that once roamed our seas; Jurassic Ranger includes Nautilus, Axolotl, Lungfish, Mountain Horned Dragon Lizards, and Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons and Giant Snails – which visitors will be able to touch during ranger experience sessions! Walk through the skeletal remains of this underwater dinosaur world and uncover how these Jurassic ancestors have adapted over the years, and find out how you can help them to survive in the future too! 
Now open, families planning to visit the brand-new Jurassic Ranger exhibit should book online, for the best price around, with prices starting from just £10.95 when purchased in advance online. For more information and to buy tickets, please visitwww.visitsealife.com/manchester and for regular news and fantastic competitions join us on Facebook/SEALIFEManchester and Twitter @sealifemanc