Local Candidate Jo Platt selected for Andy Burnham’s old seat


Labour Councillor for Leigh East Jo Platt has won the battle to be selected as the party’s candidate to fight the seat vacated by Mayoral Candidate Andy Burnham in the General Election.

Platt fought off the challenge of Katy Clarke, Jeremy Corbyn’s political secretary to be selected yesterday.

She had received the backing of the outgoing MP and if elected in June will be the first female to represent the constituency.

Burnham wrote to the party’s National Executive Committee on Monday say that the local party and electorate would be unhappy if it opted for a candidate without local ties and added 

“Jo is well-known and well-liked across the Leigh area. She is an excellent campaigner and has been the driving force behind the reinvigoration of Leigh Labour party in recent years.”

Jo currently holds The portfolio holder for children and young people on Wigan council.

She tweeted: “Absolutely thrilled to represent Labour in Leigh in the General Election. The fight back starts now!”