New Manchester startup Shopronto picks up and delivers ANYTHING you want in under 60 minute


Forgot your keys, need a parcel picking up, or desperately need a new outfit for a date tonight but can’t get to the shops? You need Shopronto!
Launching next month, the new Manchester-based delivery app will pick up and deliver absolutely anything you want or need, from any Manchester store, in under 60 minutes.

22-year-old Mancunion and Shopronto founder Waleed Ajmal commented: “Shopronto does all the leg work for you, bringing you what you want, when you want, where you want. Whether that be beers delivered to your home before the match finishes, a last minute outfit, your keys or a parcel couriered somewhere – we’ve got you covered.”

For stores already signed up to the app, the delivery cost is £2.50. For any stores that haven’t yet signed up, the delivery charge is based on the distance, starting at £3.95 and going up to a distance of six miles from Manchester’s city centre – further than other delivery apps currently on the market.

Offering a pickup/delivery and courier service, as well as variety of transport modes (on foot, bicycle, car) Shopronto also provides the option to split payment with up to five people, all whilst being able to track your delivery status.

Ajmal continued: “Manchester is a thriving city of students, professionals and all round time-strapped people. We wanted to create a service that would make people’s lives that little bit easier. As a Law student in the middle of exams, I’d often have times where I desperately needed something picking up, like a birthday present but just didn’t have the time. If I’d had Shopronto I could have taken care of the whole thing remotely, without leaving the library! This is where the idea came from!”