Oasis mark 20 years since "Definitely Maybe" with demo tape

Definitely Maybe
Definitely Maybe Anniversary

As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of their debut album “Definitely Maybe”, Oasis will release their original demo tape, which put the group on the market back in the early 90’s.

Tack lists can be found below (via Spin).

Definitely Maybe special edition track list:

Disc 1
1. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”
2. “Shakermaker”
3. “Live Forever”
4. “Up in the Sky”
5. “Columbia”
6. “Supersonic”
7. “Bring it on Down”
8. “Cigarettes & Alcohol”
9. “Digsy’s Dinner”
10. “Slide Away”
11. “Married With Children”

Disc 2
1. “Columbia (White Label Demo)”
2. “Cigarettes & Alcohol (Demo)”
3. “Sad Song”
4. “I Will Believe (Live)”
5. “Take Me Away”
6. “Alive (Demo)”
7. “D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?”
8. “Supersonic (Live)”
9. “Up in the Sky (Acoustic)”
10. “Cloudburst”
11. “Fade Away”
12. “Listen Up”
13. “I Am the Walrus (Live Glasgow Cathouse June ’94)”
14. “Whatever”
15. “(It’s Good) to Be Free”
16. “Half the World Away”

Disc 3
1. “Supersonic (Live At Glasgow Tramshed)”
2. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Demo)”
3. “Shakermaker (Live Paris in-store)”
4. “Columbia (Eden Studios Mix)”
5. “Cloudburst (Demo)”
6. “Strange Thing (Demo)”
7. “Live Forever (Live Paris in-store)”
8. “Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live At Manchester Academy)”
9. “D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? (Live At Manchester Academy)”
10. “Fade Away (Demo)”
11. “Take Me Away (Live At Manchester Academy)”
12. “Sad Song (Live At Manchester Academy)”
13. “Half the World Away (Live, Tokyo hotel room)”
14. “Digsy’s Dinner (Live, Paris in-store)”
15. “Married With Children (Demo)”
16. “Up in the Sky (Live Paris in-store)”
17. “Whatever (Strings)”

Original 1993 Demos cassette track list:

Side One:
“Cloudburst ”
“D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?”
“Strange Thing ”

Side Two:
“Bring It on Down ”
“Married With Children”
“Fade Away”
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”

“Supersonic” 120inch single, Record Store Day limited edition track list:

A: “Supersonic”
B1. “Take Me Away”
B2. “I Will Believe (Live)”