Oldham Prepares for Summer with a visit from Miss Manchester!


Oldham Gets in the Mood to Feel the Summer Heat with Jet2holidays

–          Holiday expert brings unique beach shack to Oldham city centre

29 January 2014: To mark its busiest booking month of the year, Jet2holidays today helped the people of Oldham get in the mood for some sun, bringing a special summer beach shack to the city to reveal those most in need of a holiday! Jet2holidays created the unique experience to give people a taster of the sights, sounds and smells of a foreign trip to help them escape the chilly weather currently hitting Oldham this week.

It comes on the back of an exceptional January for the package holiday expert.  Almost 11,500 holidays have already been booked this month alone equating to 43 per cent of all its 2014 bookings departing from Manchester to date.  What’s more, Jet2holidays is gearing up for its busiest year yet with sales already up by 35 per cent on last year.

Picture show Miss Manchester Araberlla Durkin with L to r Matty Nicholls 16, Luke Molloy aged 16, and Will Revill aged 16 all from Oldham at the Jet2.com heat shack in Oldham. Pictures by Paul Currie 07796146931 www.paulcurriephotos.com

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays said: “To help, we’ve been ensuring locals get in the mood for their sunshine break with our special beach shack holiday experience, which has also inspired those who have not yet booked.”

Miss Manchester, Arabella Durkin stated that the “Jet2holidays beach shack has really got me and the people of Manchester in the holiday spirit today. We’ve had great fun and a much needed reminder of what it’s like to have sand between our toes, smell the suntan lotion and simply feel the heat which sometimes seems so far removed on a chilly day like today.

“We’re so lucky to have the airport on our doorstep and in a few hours we can escape to sun ourselves and explore places like Menorca, Ibiza, Kos or Dubrovnik. I love being in the North West, but on a day like this, it’s not surprising that January is Jet2.com’s busiest booking month of the year….get me on that plane!”

Local resident Laura Smeaton, 34, from Chadderton said: “Its ages since my last holiday and the Jet2holidays beach shack has spurred me into booking my next break, though hopefully I might be lucky enough to win a free holiday as well – that would be the best way to brighten my day!”

Picture show Miss Manchester with Lucy Hanson and Eleanor Hanson aged 2 at the Jet2.com heat shack in Oldham.

Take a look at these interesting statistics regarding Manchester’s travelling preferences:

Old holiday habits hard to break?

  • Over a third (34 per cent) still opt to send a traditional postcard whilst they are away, proving the old ways are still the best.
  • There’s no time for texting, facebooking or skyping for almost a third (28 per cent) who even go as far as leaving their mobiles and iPads at home to immerse themselves fully in their great escape.
  • Forget hashtags, instagram and sharing, making a traditional photo album is the best way to relive the fun for a fifth (19 per cent), with more than one in ten (13 per cent) saying they still relish the anticipation of getting their holiday snaps developed.

Home comforts come too

  • Two thirds (57 per cent) cannot leave home without their favourite brand of teabag or ketchup.
  • Other items we can’t leave the UK without are: photo’s of loved ones, toilet roll and even our comfy slippers!

Actively relaxing

  • Two fifths (43 per cent) are prepared to leave the sanctuary of the sunbed to get active instead with cycling, golfing and sailing the sports of choice.
  • Sightseeing and shopping are the prime prompts to explore our holiday locations as more of us fancy searching for a signature souvenir than doing anything else (71 per cent).
  • A nation of extroverts? One in ten (10 per cent) confess to grabbing the limelight whilst away, taking part in singing or dancing contests!

Trip taggers on?

  • Next year there is a definite rise in older kids travelling, with 21 per cent tagging along with mum and dad instead of making the most of a mates only break.
  • While 18 per cent say their holiday is for all the family, including in-laws, a small handful of parents (5 per cent) are packing the kids off with the grandparents so they can take their own separate trip minus the offspring!

Please don’t take my sunshine away

  • Holidays remain a vital part of our year with some of us going to extreme lengths to ensure we don’t miss out on a break. From frugal year round spending to dedicated saving plans – more than four fifths (84 per cent) cannot forego their annual trip.
  • Almost a fifth (21 per cent) say their holiday is more important to them than their birthday and Christmas put together.

For more information or to book your next holiday visit www.Jet2holidays.com or for flights visit www.Jet2.com.  Local holidaymakers have until midnight on Sunday 2nd February to take advantage of an exclusive Feel the Heat discount of £60 per person off all Jet2holidays, simply by entering code FTH60 at checkout.