Recipes: Low Fat Pancakes


The internet has gone wild for an array of low-fat pancake ideas from the mouth watering to downright weird. So I picked out the two recipes which I felt were most bearable (some of them are just plain wrong, or just plain) and have made some suggestions on how you can cut the carbs this pancake day, without feeling as if you’re missing out.


2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes



Find the full recipe here.


This is the recipe I have seen the most of on the internet. It is advertised to be a recipe which works for anyone as it is high in protein, low in fat, kid friendly & super easy to make. I have tried this recipe a few times & have to say a couple of times I failed, but this was usually when I tried to make a bigger batch than 1 banana & 2 eggs. If you’re making more than 1 batch (around 3-4 pancakes) I would recommend using 1 & a half bananas per 2 eggs, just so you don’t end up with what tastes like a banana omelette.


Another suggestion is to add more fruit for a little extra flavour, either on serving or even when cooking – berries work particularly well.


Oatmeal/Porridge Pancakes





I thought this sounded cry & nasty at first, but it’s actually something that I really enjoyed. Out of all the recipes I tried, these are certainly the most filling – they make a brilliant breakfast. They’re much better when you top them with something, other wise they can be pretty bland.


There are millions of variations of this recipe, but the one I used is here.