REVIEW: Federal Café and Bar


Let me start by saying this, I usually avoid going somewhere unfamiliar for brunch or breakfast at all costs. I don’t eat Pork and I’m not the biggest fried egg fan either, so I tend to struggle to find something that suits me on breakfast menus.

Federal invited me down to try their menu & I really was putting all of my faith into their hands by allowing the owner, Claudio, to choose my dishes for me.

A key reason I accepted my invitation to test Federal’s menu is that a friend of mine promised it would be the best cup of coffee I ever had. By the time the day of my meal came around, it was around 26 degrees and I was in no mood for a mug of anything. Luckily for me, Federal have a choice of some gorgeous chilled lattes, with a range of syrups & flavours to choose from.

Federal Café and Bar has a really quirky & very hipster vibe about it. Every table is laid with pretty yet simple fresh flowers and milk bottles filled with cold water, which the very attentive waiters change once they’re empty. Everything has a very warm, welcoming & home made feel to it.
Next, to my surprise was 2 of Federal’s most popular dishes to try out – Baked Eggs & Sweet Corn Fritters.

Baked Eggs is something I’ve never actually tried before. I’ve always presumed that the texture would be so similar to that of fried eggs that it would put me off. The eggs were baked on a bed of tomato sauce & baked tomatoes, cooked to perfection, with a side of rocket & spinach, that wilted beautifully after being mixed in with the other components.

It’s not very often that veggie dishes offer this much flavour as I have experienced that many restaurants still filmy believe that all we want is bland veggie sausages and button mushrooms for brunch.

Federal’s first dish already had me won over, especially for the generous price of only £7.50z A real rainy day comfort food.

Next was the ever popular Sweetcorn Fritters – Usually served with bacon. This is a great dish of like me you like things like veggie burgers, falafel etc. & other foods of this style & texture. They’re served with a fried egg, tomato relish, sriracha & hollandaise. If you’re looking to put a kick into brunch, this is the dish for you. Coming in at only £7.50* this dish is another steal!

Something I often hear about when someone mentions Federal is their extra special French Toast, which really does taste as good as it looks.

So good, in fact, that it deserves 2 photos, that really do sum it up without words.
Finally, my favourite thing about dining at Federal Café and Bar was that it was a comfortable place to be. The atmosphere is lovely and relaxed, the food is amazing quality &  it doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket either.
*£7.50 Sweetcorn Fritters only applies if the dish is ordered without Bacon or Salmon. See Federal Café website for more info.