REVIEW: Holland & Barrett Beauty Kitchen


Holland & Barret invited us to come and check out their brand new shop floor on Market Street, Manchester, in association with Beauty Kitchen.

Beauty kitchen has come together with a huge network of other brands to bring us the very best of natural, organic and high-quality beauty products.

What really stood out to me is that each and every product (and there was more than we would even photograph) seemed to be high-end products for high street prices.

There was something for everyone no matter what your needs, skin type or just personal preferences.

Personally, I’m very fussy, I have irregular skin which can go from oily to very dry within a couple of days. My skin is also sensitive & I’m very particular about scents.

Beauty Kitchen are aware that there are many people as ‘fussy’ as me! Their brand new Beauty Bar is currently exclusive to only Glasgow & Manchester, but they’re hoping to spread across the country.

Founded by Jo Chidley, Beauty Kitchen started in Glasgow & has just made its way over to Manchester, much to the delight of Natural Beauty lovers.

Jo’s idea of the Beauty Kitchen, where you can make your very own, personalised bath salts, is bringing a lot of attention over from beauty lovers everywhere, of all kinds.

For especially fussy people like me, the beauty bar is ideal. Each ingredient you choose is to suit your skin type, needs & personality.

Not only are these products ideal for getting personal, but they’re even good fun to make too!

We look forward to trying & testing our new products, keep your eyes peeled for our reviews.