Review: Urban Decay Vice Collection Makeovers @ Selfridges, Intu Trafford Centre

urban decay vice collection makeover

Urban Decay invited us on behalf of Selfridges to try their brand new Vice Lipstick collection as a part of a stunning makeover.


One thing Urban Decay promotes the most is that their makeup is super long lasting, which was something I looked forward to putting to the test.


The makeover started with the Urban Defence Complexion Primer which, my god, was the silkiest & lightest primer I have ever had on my face. With the primer being liquid, my first thoughts were only negative, because I only ever use cream primers as I find liquid primers tend to feel quite sticky and thick once I’ve applied it. One pump of the primer was enough to cover my whole face.


Next up was brows, something else I’m very fussy about, but I have sworn by Urban Decay’s brow box for a long time.


Other than the Brow Box & lending my friends Naked Pallet a few times, I’ve never really tried Urban Decay products. But as my MUA, Chloe, went through the products & the prices, I was blown away by the prices, which I expected to be a LOT higher than they were – even the new products. (Prices & links can be found at the end of the review)





I have very short eyelashes, and I didn’t have fake lashes on. The Perversion Mascara is nothing short of actual real-life magic.

Urban Decay Vice Makeover


My usual go-to look is black or nude & a thick liner. When I saw bright & bright colours & glitter, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super sceptical.



I was very very happy with this look, I’m not sure my eyes have actually ever looked so Blue. Also, the picture on the left was taken 10 hours after my makeover & quite a few cocktails later – the look still stood. Even my waterline was still intact.






The rest of my face took only 3 products (I usually used about 9 different products to complete my contour). We started with the All-Nighter Liquid Foundation & yes, that is the actual shade we used on my face in the photo, I am that pale. In saying that, I was blown away that I finally found a brand that actually works for how fair my skin is, as I’ve spent a long time wearing slightly-too-dark foundation & piling on white powder afterwards.


Next was concealer, after already having the 24/7 concealer applied to shape my brows, next was something else I’ve never tried, the Naked Colour Correcting Fluid. Another great thing about this makeover is that I was finding out all about what shades actually work for me and what I should be using. I’ve been using Green concealers for a long time, but as it turns out, based on my skin type I should be using Pinks & Yellows.


Next was a full contour using only one product – The Naked Flushed Palette, which is just a new must-have of mine.


Urban Decay Vice


Turns out I’ve been contouring far too dark for my skin tone too. I was worried when Chloe brought out a shade much paler than I’m used to wearing, but I was so shocked, especially with how little was needed of each part of the pallet. I also learned a benefit of having pale skin means I’m far more deserving of generous highlighter. Chloe also used just 1 brush for the full contour as it’s the perfect shape for each and every job. Absolutely amazing especially if, like me, you’re always on the go & need something you can just pop in your bag.


My look was completed with the part I was most excited about – The NEW Vice Lipstick. At this point, after going in with a strict mindset about my one and only go-to shade of lip colour, Chloe had gained enough trust from me for me to let her pick out my lipstick. We started with the 24/7 glide on lip pencil which was just to die for! So matte, without making my lips dry out. The Vice Lip of choice was the complete opposite of everything I usually go for. It was cream & it was metallic & it was a brown/nude shade. I absolutely loved it & what’s more is that in 10 hours and after eating & the cocktails mentioned earlier, I topped up my lips ONCE!!


Couldn’t recommend the products enough. I did end up treating myself after the makeover, mainly because I knew I wouldn’t be breaking the bank! Not only do I recommend the products, but the makeovers too. I thought I knew everything about makeup, but I learned a lot about applying, products & my own skin too. My make-up artist Chloe, from Urban Decay in the Selfridges beauty hall, intu Trafford centre, did a wonderful job at both my make-up & with the conversation!


This is absolutely the right time for Valentine’s Day gift from you to you!


Find the full product list & prices below: