Sale Sharks Collaborate on Eating Tasty and Staying Healthy

Sale Sharks players Tom Holmes and Rob Miller will compete to become the healthy cooking champion.

Sale Sharks has teamed up with the Trafford Centre’s SAFFRAN Restaurant to promote healthy eating to their fans and the people of Manchester.

This collaboration is part of SAFFRAN’s healthy eating campaign Challenge 2 Change: Eat Tasty, Stay Healthy. The campaign is aimed at making people aware of the alternative foods available that are good for them and even better tasting than the unhealthy so called treats they eat now.

SAFFRAN Managing Director Alan Brogan says: “There is a perception that treating ones self means eating unhealthily and we want to change that. The best way to do that is by educating people and getting them to experience the healthier alternatives. At SAFFRAN we have an award-winning menu that proves our point – we don’t fry anything, there are no white flours, our sauces are healthy and natural and every meal, including pizzas and burgers, comes in at under 650 calories.”

The coming together of SAFFRAN and Sale Sharks is a natural one as the Sharks have also been doing their own work in promoting healthy eating over the last year. Sharks PR Manager Andy Stevens believes “sports people have a big role to play in influencing people to make better eating choices. At Sharks we have been trying to do our bit and it is great to have a local partner like SAFFRAN who shares this ethos. Let’s hope we can make a difference, especially with the kids who really look up to the sports stars.”

The campaign will kick off at SAFFRAN in the Trafford Centre at 6pm on March 20th, where Tom Holmes and Rob Miller will partake in the ‘Eat Tasty, Stay Healthy Cook Off’. Both players will pick a meal from the menu, be trained how to cook it and then be judged by the SAFFRAN Chefs.

SAFFRAN itself has forged a big reputation internationally for making healthy dishes both delicious and exciting and was inspired by the idea that being healthy is not about dieting, but is about finding great tasting food.