Set Piece Defensive Blunders Let Bluebirds Grab Victory


My word of the day is “confused”.

I don’t profess to know all the answers, in fact my job is to ask questions, and it’s at times like this that I’m glad that’s the case.

City were so impressive against Newcastle, but I had wondered how much of that performance had been due to the shortcomings of our opponents and how much was due to the brilliance of the Blues, maybe at Cardiff we found out that City had not really been tested in some areas, during that opening game at the Etihad.

Until his injury, Vincent Kompany had looked majestic, his absence at Cardiff seemed significant, though that still doesn’t explain City’s defensive failings at set pieces. Lets not be fooled by those late blunders though, if the Blues had dominated in South Wales as they did against the Geordies, they’d have been over the hill and gone, and no amount of home passion, both on the pitch and in the stands, would have helped the “bluebirds” to their first win.

Why were Yaya Toure and Fernandinho so apparently reluctant to go box to box, why was Navas, so positive on the wing on Monday, so ineffective in Cardiff.  Why did the pace seem so slow compared to that set on Monday.

Edin Dzeko scored a wonderful individual goal, but his overall contribution still seems minimal to me.

Last week on “Blue Tuesday” I argued that Joe Hart had received a disproportionate amount of criticism recently. On the Radio Manchester post match phone in on Sunday, more negativity was heaped on him by City fans. I didn’t hear it myself, Fred Eyre told me on the long drive home. As I stopped at the services for a drink and comfort break, I checked twitter and noticed that David Platt had apparently claimed on Al Jazeera, that Mancini would have signed Begavic this summer to replace Hart, if true, that would have been a surprising move to many City fans.

What confuses me is that less than a week ago, I was feeling on top of the world, I’d described the Newcastle win as “wow”, so how come I hardly recognised that team in South Wales even though there was only one change, Garcia for Kompany?

There’s only one word to describe my feelings after the 3-2 defeat at Cardiff, confused, maybe my studio guest on this weeks “Blue Tuesday” (6-7pm BBC Radio Manchester) Paul Simpson will have some answers, I hope so.

Tell me it’ll be OK Paul!!


Written by Ian Cheeseman


   (image courtesy of The Mirror)