The Force Awakens (no spoiler review)


The Force Awakens does something no film has done in quite a while; it feels truly magical. You can tell that every frame is crafted lovingly by people who care just as much as you or I about it.

Sure, it’s a corporate ploy to sell lots of merchandise, but it also has a heart. This was one of the things missing in the prequels. Here, everything comes together, in the perfect blend of new and old that evokes nostalgia and wonder.

The new characters are very well written and portrayed, with just enough depth to them. They really feel like they fit in with this established universe. However the real highlight is the original cast. None of them slack off, but Harrison Ford really shines from among them. He’s grown as an actor significantly since 1977, and he really brings some serious clout. It’s impossible not to get a little teary-eyed seeing Han Solo back in the Millennium Falcon.

John Williams once again composed the score. The return to old themes in the music were breathtaking, and he seamlessly integrates the new stuff in there. The script, by Lawrence Kasdan (writer of Empire and Jedi) is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the movie. Unlike the prequel’s flat writing, this truly pops. But not only that, it’s subtly different from other Hollwood scripts of today. It feels like Star Wars, and it’s full of little and big surprises that fans will love.

In conclusion, The Force Awakens is a wonderful synthesis of old with the charm of new and new with the charm of old. It is far better than the prequels and almost on the same level as the originals. Now, let’s hope Rian Johnson doesn’t let us down.