The Tongan team beats Italians, then eats Italian.

Tonga National Rugby Club

Tonga’s national squad squared off against Italy resulting in a redeeming victory in their final game
of the rugby league world cup (Tonga – 16 / Italy – 0). Following their triumph, the Tongan team
reveled in the hospitality of some of Manchester’s finer establishments before returning home to
the South Pacific.

With a little help from Sale Shark’s inside centre and international rugby star Sam Tuitupou, the
team contacted Maximum Social, who directed them towards a number of the excellent venues that Manchester has to

Having developed a taste for all things Italian following their victory the previous evening, the team
chose to eat at Don Giovannis, the highly regarded Italian restaurant in central Manchester, whose
owner Adam Karim was more than happy to accommodate the Tongan squad.
In preparation for their meal, the team performed the traditional Haka dance at the distinguished
Worsley Park Marriott Hotel, with the clear intention of declaring war on Italian food, rather than
the Italian squad!

The Tongan marketing manager, Kristi Latu, stated that the service and dishes at Don Giovannis
were both welcoming and exquisite, whilst the food was hot and prepared as soon as they arrived.
Furthermore, the atmosphere of the restaurant was perfectly suited to the celebratory spirit of
the Tongan troupe.

So, whilst their participation in the world cup tournament had come to an end following their
defeat to Scotland, the Tongan’s national lineup found consolation in their triumph over the Italian
team, and their enjoyable experience with Italian cuisine.