Victoria Station is shortlisted for People's award.


Manchester Victoria Station redevelopment is up for an award.

The £44m project is one of twelve civil engineering projects up for the People’s Choice Award organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers, a new, prestigious industry award that recognises the top civil engineering project of the year. The award winner will be announced in January 2017.

“It combined modernisation with conservation. The station’s heritage features including its 146m Edwardian neo-Baroque facade, WW1 memorial, the famous tiled map of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, the beautiful Victorian dome and the old ticketing hall were all preserved and restored.” Says the Institute.

The refit of the Station, once labelled Britain’s worst, fully reopened in October 2015, involved building a vast new roof made from the same material used at the Eden Project, though the roof has had some recent problems with heavy rain causing one of the sections to cave in, showering passengers with water, a fault put down to Seagulls pecking at the joints