Villa 3 City 2 – Match Report

Aston Villa 3 Manchester City 2

I try to avoid clichés (though I do like Clichy), but how to sum up the Villa game? A game of very different 45 minute periods?

City were so dominant in the first half, I almost felt sorry for the home team, as they trudged off at the break. They’d been outplayed to such a degree, it was like watching adults against their offspring. How it was only 1-0 at half time was a difficult one to comprehend. As it turned out that wasn’t the only puzzler of the afternoon.

Apart from the City fans, the atmosphere seemed subdued and there was an air of resignation from Villa players and fans alike as action resumed, until one moment of opportunism (and no offside flag) and suddenly, somehow, the scores were level.

A temporary setback surely. Yep, sure enough City were “back” in the lead thanks to Dzeko having eyes in the back of his…..back, and normality was restored. How many would the Blues eventually win by, was my initial thought, until news of West Brom taking the lead at Old Trafford came through.

This game of two unequal “equal periods” had another twist. An unnecessary free kick given away by Nastasic led to an unsaved free kick and …. what would happen next, surely another Blue response, but no, the mood was blackening, just like City’s shirts.

Mourinho had accused Villa of being long ball specialists, but this one didn’t prove to be a special one, it was a simple and unchallenged drop kick that sent their player through and Joe Hart racing “roadrunner like” out of his box, and the woken up Villa fans celebrated 3-2 in their Cup Final.

City will now have to concentrate on the Champions League on Wednesday – oh no, a cliché, how did that happen; well I’m as mystified as anyone!


Written by Ian Cheeseman