Zombie chase game "2.8 Hours Later" adds extra date due to overwhelming demand


A FIFTH date in has been added due to phenomenal demand to take part in the zombie apocalypse game. In addition to the original sold-out dates (July 18,19,25,26) a game will now also take place on 24th July in Manchester.

All dates for the cross-city urban chase, which takes place in the summer, have already sold out, but now there is an extra opportunity for those who missed out on tickets to still take part.

To buy tickets click here, prices start at £38 per person – but be fast as they are likely to sell out very quickly!

If you’ve never heard of 2.8 Hours Later and have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about, then don’t worry – the concept of the game is simple:

  • Competitors have to make their way through the city, starting from a safe zone and ending up in a zombie disco.
  • They are chased by specially trained ‘zombies’, who have attended Zombie School, and must avoid the grasp of the undead.
  • As competitors flee from the ‘infected’ and navigate their way around the route they will meet characters along the way who will either aid or inhibit their progress.
  • In the 2014 version of the game, players must also be wary of the police and other government authorities who are trying to ‘quarantine’ civilians in order to stem the flow of infection.
  • If you are caught by a zombie, they will leave an invisible ink mark on you.
  • A UV light is used to scan for ink marks and all players that have been infected are turned into zombies ahead of the ‘zombie disco’ – the after party.
  • Players will complete the mission if they make it back to the asylum, with their tasks completed and without being infected (marked with ink) by the zombies.

And last, but not least, make sure you HAVE FUN!

Take a look at Manchester’s zombie walk from last year, to get you in the mood…


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